Our Services

Corporate Services

  1. Risk Analysis – Collecting data from the affected business unit in order to determine risk exposure for same and to compose the Fiduciary Solution.
  2. Assistance with Implementation – Working together with the stakeholders to implement the proposed Fiduciary Solutions.
  3. Train Staff Members  – Training of affected team members on how to deal with a matter once the client has passed away. Training on the proposed Fiduciary Solution and how to implement same.
  4. Benefit from our network – Providing access to our network in the Fiduciary space (Master of the High Court, Magistrate Courts, Conveyancing as well as Estate Tax specialists).

Private Services

  1. Legal Advisory – consultation to discuss your Fiduciary needs and advise on how to handle each challenge cost effectively.
  2. Review of your Last Will and Testament – Consultation to discuss the practicalities of Executing your Last Will and Testament and how your heirs will be impacted by your estate administration.
  3. Estate Planning – Estate Tax, costs and a liquidity calculation as well as draft any agreements relating to the planning of your estate.
  4. Trust Registration – Consultation to take in Trust instruction as well as deal with transfer of assets in accordance with regulating legislation.
  5. Administration of a deceased’s estate – As a nominated Executor. Appointed Agent on behalf of Executor. Representing heirs where another institution are the appointed Executors.