About Us

Mission Statement

Intergenerational wealth is attainable. This is made possible through excellent estate planning. Our mission is to promote the proper and expert planning of our client’s estates in order to ensure the successful generational transfer of wealth. Our corporate clients have been adversely impacted by the current pandemic and their current operating processes do not sufficiently deal with the impact. Our vision is to create new Fiduciary processes in order to adequately assist our corporate clients in dealing with and mitigating the adversity of the impact on their business units. We aim to achieve our Vision by providing Wholistic Fiduciary Solutions.

A Few Words From

The Director

The Legacy Yezibaya promotes the protection of Family Wealth actively and at all times, to look after the wealth and ensure it grows, to ensure that wealth lasts for generations to come. We aim to borrow from this concept in order to ensure the successful transfer of generational wealth. This is best achievable through professional and expert estate planning.

Zola Mbatha

Founder - CEO